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The Characters and their roles in Streams…

The figures in the book, Streams In The Wasteland represent the Codependent, Codependency, the Alcoholic, Alcoholism and Healthy Thinking. The more you look at how we play out our roles in this book through the simple illustrations, the clearer your own thinking will become.

Make sure you check out the Review Book section to see an illustration. There is no book on the market like it. It is unique, simple to read and will help you if you are in an alcoholic or other dysfunctional relationship. The cartoon illustrations in the book make it easy to read and understand this subject of codependency and will help you start your journey towards recovery.

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The roles of the shapes and the ‘gender’ of the shapes that LaVonne uses in her book and articles; triangle, squiggly triangle, square, squiggly square and the circle can change from one work to another.  For her book, Streams In The Wasteland (Streams…) the character’s roles are defined below.

Codependent, Codependency, Alcoholic, Alcoholism, and Healthy Thinking

The pronoun ‘he’ is used for the alcoholic and ‘she’ for the codependent, or person in the relationship with the alcoholic. This is done only for ease of reading. We all know that the roles and genders can easily be reversed depending on your life experience. You may also see yourself in these scenarios if your life has been negatively affected or controlled by someone who is not alcoholic but demonstrates similar characteristics. If this is the case, just substitute that person for the alcoholic as you read. The cartoon scenarios prove relative and powerful enough to make this easy.

All this time you thought if you could just get the other person to do ‘what they need to do’ the alcoholic or the dysfunctional relationship would change. You can only change yourself! I hope you receive this as great news. Now the power is in your court. You have the power to make choices and decisions where you will actually see change! No more waiting for the other person to change before you can have a life. That is the power of taking responsibility. Are you ready?

Don’t wait another day to ‘see if he will change.’ Start today to change yourself. This book will easily help you begin your journey.

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