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Before you preview the book, make sure you check out the characters and their roles.  You can do this from the Home page and click on The Characters and Their Roles.  If you have been affected by an alcoholic or other dysfunctional relationship, you will see yourself in the role of the codependent. You will also see the internal struggle that you deal with, that I call ‘the other part’ of you. This is the part that keeps you stuck. This is the part that blames you. This is the voice in your head that keeps you weak.

 For ease of reading I have used the pronoun ‘he’ for the alcoholic and ‘she’ for the person in the relationship with the alcoholic – the codependent. Reality tells us that the genders can easily be reversed depending on your life experience.

If you can relate, then this book is for you. If you have felt hopeless in being in relationship with an alcoholic and can’t figure out what is wrong or how you keep coming back to this same place, this book was written for you. You can begin today to take back your life. It is true; you can begin today to take back your life. Now it is time to come out of the wasteland, to start to dream your dreams and to tap into your inner streams of strength.

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Don't wait another day to "see if he will change." Start today to change yourself. Start by getting this book that will help you on your journey.

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