Book Endorsements

“Many fine tracts have been written examining the issues of relationship codependency and enablement in the field of alcohol and drug addiction.  Few works are as concise, unaffected and accessible to the general public as Lavonne Los’s ‘Streams in the Wasteland.’ With a sure knowledge of her subject, Ms. Los has constructed an insightful volume, free of textual complications and designed to provide a useful, easily understandable explanation of this ubiquitous and bewildering condition that plagues untold millions.  The presentation is unique: illustrated story-boards tell the universal tales of the emotionally imprisoned victims of codependency and enablement and gently instruct in the ways of coping and healing.  To my patients and all who seek help, education and information about this painful and perplexing subject, I strongly recommend this book.”   Richard W. Hilger, MA, CSACSusan

LaVonne Los has done a remarkable job of presenting the issues of alcoholism and codependency in a unique, pictorial format which will have a strong impact on the reader. Each page contains fresh perspectives that will enable the reader to view and understand codependency with new insight. I would recommend it to anyone seeking to break free from a codependent relationship.”–Susan C. Brozek, M.S.W., L.C.S.W.  Founder/Director, Healing Word Psychotherapy ServicesEdie

Global Concepts Ltd is a business-consulting group. Founded in 1996, Global Concepts works primarily internationally under the auspices of the US State Department in the development of businesses in emerging economies.As Vice President of Global Concepts LTD, I consult in the areas of management, marketing, and human resources. In addition I have worked in the areas of anti trafficking, domestic violence, women’s empowerment in Europe, Africa and Asia.“One of the most important aspects of my job working with people in Russia, Ethiopia, or Jordan is to make the concepts and principles easily understandable for the audience. In my case, that involves using clear, simple, easily translatable language. If the language or concepts of the message are not appropriate to the audience, the message is lost.Streams in the Wasteland, the workbook created by LaVonne Los approaches the very painful, and often deniable problem of co-dependence. The concepts are presented in a manageable format to help the reader confront the very serious issues. The logical sequence conveys the process required to overcome the ingrained attitudes and behaviors.The language is aimed right at the target, and the simple graphics reinforce the message.”                Edie Shannon