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Streams In The Wasteland

Streams In The Wasteland is a revolutionary book that:

  • Clearly explains, through characters, the relationship between the codependent and the alcoholic.
  • Readers will be able to identify even if they are entangled in other types of dysfunctional relationships.
  • Helps untangle the constant confusion that is in the life of a codependent.
  • Helps codependents begin to trust their own judgment and believe in their own worth.
  • Helps codependents see the struggle that goes on in their head when they try to break free from the alcoholic mind-set.
  • Helps explain the mind-set of the alcoholic.
  • Explains why a person who escaped one alcoholic or dysfunctional relationship will often find they have replaced it with one that is very similar.
  • Explains the codependent’s need to ‘fix’.
  • Explains how the need to ‘fix’, keeps codependents from focusing on their own health and their own life.
  • Explains how alcoholism has consumed and affected their lives.
  • Helps codependents become aware that they have the ability to change their lives, no matter what the alcoholic does.
  • Compares to no book on the market.
  • This book was written to help the people who don’t know where to begin – begin. To trust in themselves, to make healthy decisions, to set healthy boundaries, to get their life back.
  • This book is revolutionary in that rather than having read through a lot of information; it uses characters and scenarios to play out what goes on in an alcoholic relationship. If you are not in an alcoholic relationship, yet you can see yourself as the codependent, then be encouraged that you can also benefit from this book. Through this simple format, it is easy for anyone to begin the journey to self-help.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and have over fifteen years of counseling those affected by alcoholic and other dysfunctional relationships.

In this book, I use unique shapes to represent the following characters:

  • the codependent
  • codependency (the voice the codependent listens to)
  • the alcoholic
  • alcoholism (the voice the alcoholic listens to)
  • healthy thinking

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