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In my practice as a Christian counselor and life coach, I used Scripture and the 7-Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. Now that I have retired from seeing clients I continue to believe these resources can encourage, strengthen and help change peoples’ lives.
Through my blog I hope to unwrap the abundant truths that these resources hold to help in the development of your success of living with fairness, integrity, honesty and human dignity.

My mission statement as a counselor was to help people have a new awareness that will help them grow and to have a more successful life. My mission statement hasn’t changed. My hope is that this blog will open new windows to your mind that will forever change how you view and live in the world; that you will see positive effects in how you see your self and how you relate to others.

LaVonne Davis, MS LPC

Posted February 2nd, 2016

Recovery and Health website is about recovering and discovering who you were created to be.   If while growing up you were sent negative messages that hindered your self-image, you may have learned to survive rather than thrive.   Unfortunately, the coping and survival skills learned to survive as a child may be crippling you as an adult.  I want you to know that if you learn to positively affirm yourself you will build a positive self-image.  You will become aware of another way to look at the world, and a different way to respond to life and to others.  You will begin to change your world!

 My first challenge to you is to identify how you see the world today.  Do you see others as safe, friendly, welcoming, approachable?  Or do you see them as unfriendly, hostile, unsafe, and judgmental?  Do you feel you often view the world not as an adult, but as a child who finds it difficult to make decisions, basing your choices on keeping ‘safe’ and others liking you?  You can begin to see yourself as an adult who can comfortably function and make life choices that enhance your life and the lives of others.

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Posted September 15th, 2008


Responsibility equals power.  Responsibility equals power.  Responsibility equals power.    Keep saying it until you believe it.

Posted March 24th, 2008