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Do you see yourself in the book?  Ask yourself if the things you have been doing in your relationship worked to make it better, more peaceful, happier.


  1. Richard Hilger Says:
    “Many fine tracts have been written examining the issues of relationship codependency and enablement in the field of alcohol and drug addiction. Few works are as concise, unaffected and accessible to the general public as Lavonne Los’s ‘Streams in the Wasteland.’ With a sure knowledge of her subject, Ms. Los has constructed an insightful volume, free of textual complications and designed to provide a useful, easily understandable explanation of this ubiquitous and bewildering condition that plagues untold millions. The presentation is unique: illustrated storyboards tell the universal tales of the emotionally imprisoned victims of codependency and enablement and gently instruct in the ways of coping and healing. To my patients and all who seek help, education and information about this painful and perplexing subject, I strongly recommend this book.” Richard W. Hilger, MA, CSAC
  2. Jane Says:
    Yes, I could easily see myself in the illustrations.JS
  3. Teri Lynn Says:
    When I sat down and started reading this book I was amazed that this book was telling the story of my relationship. As I studied the illustrations, I noticed similiar thoughts and ideas were the foundation of my own codependent relationship. Since reading this book I have been able to face the truth. When I start getting afraid of ” taking care of me”, I go back over the book and it reminds me of what is real and what is not. For me, this book has been a real eye opener. It has empowered me to start thinking different and guess what? It feels great! Thank you LaVonne for all your help.Teri Lynn Delafield, WI

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Posted March 20th, 2008